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Prowl® H2O Herbicide

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Prowl h20 label

Postby Araktilar В» 10.04.2020

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Product that has been frozen should be thawed and recirculated prior to use. The material and content contained in the Greenbook label database is for general use information only. Agworld and Greenbook do not provide any guarantee or assurance that the information obtained through this service is accurate, current or correct, and are therefore not liable for any loss resulting, directly or indirectly, from reliance upon this service. This label database does not replace the official manufacture issued label.

Users of this database must read and follow the actual product label affixed to the container before use of the product. View more Agworld Customer Stories. Prowl H2O. View Download. EPA California Registration AA. Reduced preharvest interval PHI in alfalfa grown for forage or hay production various states. For use as a delayed preemergence treatment in dry bulb onion for kochia control CA.

For weed control as a delayed preemergence in dry bulb onions ID. Reduced preharvest interval PHI in Bermudagrass and other perennial warm-season grasses grown for forage or hay production, or in pastures or rangeland various states. For weed control as a delayed preemergence treatment in dry bulb onions WA.

Pendimethalin Cas Percent Satellite 3. United Phosphorous. Active Ingredients: Pendimethalin. EPA : Add to compare. Tripzin ZC. Active Ingredients: Metribuzin Pendimethalin. Bluegrass Poa spp.

Bluegrass, Annual Poa annua. Brome, Downy Bromus tectorum. Brome, Japanese Bromus japonicus. Bugloss, Small Anchusa arvensis. Canarygrass Phalaris canariensis. Carpetweed Mollugo verticillata. Chess, Hairy Bromus commutatus. Chickweed, Common Stellaria media. Crabgrass Digitaria spp. Crowfootgrass Dactyloctenium aegyptium. Cupgrass Eriochloa spp. Cupgrass, Woolly Eriochloa villosa. Dodder Cuscuta spp.

Fiddleneck Amsinckia spp. Fingergrass, Swollen Chloris barbata. Foxtail, Giant Setaria faberi. Foxtail, Green Setaria viridis. Foxtail, Yellow Setaria glauca. Foxtail, Yellow Pennisetum glaucum. Goatgrass, Jointed Aegilops cylindrica. Goosegrass Eleusine indica. Guineagrass Panicum spp. Guineagrass Panicum maximum. Henbit Lamium amplexicaule.

Itchgrass Rottboellia cochinchinensis R. Johnsongrass, Seedling Sorghum halepense. Alfalfa, For Seed Medicago sativa ssp. Artichoke Cynara spp. Asparagus Asparagus officinalis. Bean, Adzuki Vigna angularis. Bean, Black Phaseolus vulgaris var. Bean, Black Turtle Soup Phaseolus vulgaris var. Bean, Cranberry Phaseolus vulgaris var. Bean, Dry All Types Fabaceae. Bean, Edible-podded Phaseolus vulgaris. Bean, Great Northern Phaseolus vulgaris var.

Bean, Navy Phaseolus vulgaris var. Bean, Red Kidney Phaseolus vulgaris var. Bermudagrass, Established Cynodon dactylon var. Bermudagrass, For Seed Cynodon dactylon var. Bluegrass, Kentucky, For Seed Poa pratensis. Broccoli Brassica oleracea var. Brussels Sprouts Brassica oleracea var. Cabbage Brassica oleracea. Calamondin Citrus mitis. Cantaloupe Cucumis melo var.

Carrot Daucus carota ssp. Carrot, For Seed Daucus carota ssp. Cauliflower Brassica oleracea var. Chive Allium schoenoprasum. Citron, Citrus Citrus medica.

Clover, For Seed Trifolium spp. Corn, Field Zea mays ssp. Corn, Field, For Seed Zea mays ssp. Fall Surface, Etc. Fall Application - Coarse And Medium. Preemergence, Postemergence - 1. Preemergence, Postemergence - Less Than 1.

Preemergence, Postemergence - Greater Than 3. Florida, Georgia, Etc. Culti-Spray Southern States - Medium. Culti-Spray Northern States - Coarse. Culti-Spray Southern States - Coarse. Culti-Spray Southern States - Fine. Early Postemergence - Medium And Fine. Pest All pests Acacia Acacia spp. Aerial Blight Rhizoctonia spp.

Citri Alcaligenes faecalis Alder Alnus spp. Algae Nitella spp. Algae Rivularia spp. Algae Vaucheria spp. Algae Staurastrum spp. Algae Symploca spp. Algae Desmidium spp. Algae Plectonema spp.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide. What Rate Do I Use?, time: 2:31
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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Kiganos В» 10.04.2020

Brussels Sprouts Brassica oleracea var. Artichoke Cynara http://distposabor.tk/the/vector-calculus-linear-algebra.php. Leaf Blight Schizothyrium spp. Horseradish Armoracia rusticana Horsetail Equisetum spp. Leaf Blight Nematostoma spp.

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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Akizragore В» 10.04.2020

Dieback Phoma spp. Foxtail, Green Setaria viridis. Rhizome Rot Botrytis spp.

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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Meztibei В» 10.04.2020

Leaf Spot Exobasidium spp. Leaf Blight Sphaceloma spp. Blossom Rot various Blossom rot Monilinia spp. Prowl Read article will provide the most effective weed control when applied by ground or aerial equipment and subsequently incorporated into the soil by rainfall, sprinkler albel, or mechanical tillage before weed seedling germination.

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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Ganris В» 10.04.2020

Seedling Blight Penicillium spp. Stem Canker Leptosphaeria spp. Johnswort, Northern Hypericum boreale St. Bean, Red Kidney Phaseolus vulgaris var.

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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Yozshushakar В» 10.04.2020

Flower Blight Pestalotia spp. Milkthistle, Blessed Silybum marianum Milkvetch Astragalus spp. Brown Spot, Fruit Monilinia spp.

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Re: prowl h20 label

Postby Morn В» 10.04.2020

Naiad, Northern Najas spp. The fact that grapes are the highest-value fruit crop in the U. Brown Rot Blight Sclerotinia spp.

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